Electronics Illustrated

Stereo on a Shoestring

Ernest Wayland

Stereo on a Shoestring
Electronics Illustrated 1958/10

   The most exciting news for the hi-fi music listener since the introduction of the LP record is the development of the stereo disc. Stereo records now available take you from the blaring brass band of the bullfight ring to the whirling three-quarter time of the Strauss walts... and the stereo bandwagon is just beginning to roll/ By the time you read this, the record bins will be chock full of music for every taste - the designed for "two-ear" listening.
   The big question is - How much? What do the stereo records and a playback machine costs? The good news is that you don't need the wealth of Midas to set yourself up with three dimensinal hi-fi. The present list price of the stereophonic records averages only about a dollar higher than a standard LP.
   How about the playback equipment? Go about it the right way, and you can match the stereo records in cost, with a complete setup for approximately fifteen dollars.

The two stereo channels are fed separately to each of the hearing aid type headphones. The two knobs seen at lower left are optional volume controls

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