The Radio Face

Radio for April, 1922

Have you a "wireless face ?"

There has been the "speed face," the "motor face" and the "airplane face." Now comes the "face" that is acquired from listening to a wireless telephone concert. It is the face of radio satisfaction, with the smile that refuses to come off. It is the face of contentment.

Ralph Kline, Noted Character Impersonator, Exhibits Successively, Scepticism, Surprise, Realization, Interference, and Finally Complete
Radio Satisfaction. Pictures Used by Courtesy San Francisco Bulletin.

The "wireless face" is the face of the future. When every home shall have a wireless telephone in it, and broadcasted concerts are as common as debts, the general expression will be one of continued pleasure. If you would be down to date, install a wireless set, sit down before your mirror, and watch your "wireless face" grow.